What are Email Journeys?

Background and Overview

The topic of Email Journeys was comprehensively discussed in the e-book, The Majestic Way http://downloads.majesticinteractive.net/books/themajesticway.pdf in 2007. The book contained multiple case studies and data relating to the science behind the methodology. Since then, Email Journeys have been gaining traction as a highly effective method for building relationships with clients, customers and prospects. In 2015, Email Journeys were explored in the book The Secret is in the Journey http://majestic3.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/the-secret-is-in-the-Journey.pdf.


Email Journeys come under the sub-category: Marketing Automation which is part of the broader category of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Call to Action

The effectiveness of Email Journeys has been proven to be far superior to all other online marketing activities including SEO, PPC and social media.

However, while it has been used for direct sales, the primary call to action of Email Journeys is for data collection (aka “lead generation”). Various web forms, ranging from simple data capture forms to complex interactive and video forms, allows recipients to quickly give information about themselves and / or their company. These forms then become the “qualified leads” used to make the sale.

Differences between Email Sequences, Drip Campaigns and Newsletters

The content contained within Email Journeys is far superior to sequences and drip campaigns, and the response rates of Email Journeys is much higher.

Email sequences and drip campaigns are generally highly sales driven. They attempt to force a click through and they are ultimately hard-sell approaches. Journeys are connected together where each “episode” connects to the next create an interactive story. This is a far more pleasurable experience for the reader. When crafted correctly, Journeys are far more interesting as their aim is to build relationships, trust and credibility.

Newsletters are content rich, graphically intensive and take a great deal of time to create. The content in newsletters is only used once and then it is considered “lost forever.” Click throughs on newsletters are almost non-existent and they are very often blocked by spam filters.


Journeys out perform direct email and newsletters by at least 12:1 and often higher. The response rates are so high that in many cases businesses that use Journeys discontinue other forms of relationship marketing and focus purely on direct market that “adds new people” to their journeys.

The key measurement and KPI is how well Email Journeys convince a recipient to voluntarily part with their data.


Because they are written in a natural way with low levels of graphics, Journeys seldom get trapped as junk or blocked by firewalls. Caveat: this of course requires a best practice email sending approach (see www.Majestic3.com).


Unlike traditional campaigns where results are seen in days and even hours, Journeys take weeks and even months to be effective. Response rates are ultimately far superior.


There are various software packages available to send Email Journeys, most of which are extremely expensive. While there are some cheaper systems available, they do not offer the ability to build forms, create specific journey triggers, provide rules and behaviours on form fields and allow journeys to trigger upon certain events. www.Majestic3.com is the only specialist software available for email Journeys, and will generally replace Mailchimp or other newsletter systems. Majestic3.com also offers a variety of plug-ins to assist in the prospecting phases such as LinkedIn plug-ins / LinkedIn scrapers and other tools.